Serving People, Inspiring Righteousness, Imparting Truth

– YEAR 1 –


Personal Discipleship - Year 1 Application

Are you currently attending a local church?

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Our Core Values

1. We desire that all we do be rooted in authentic relationship, first with God and then with people. 1 Corinthians 13

2. We desire to equip men and women in The Truth, both in knowledge and experience. John 8:32

3. We desire to impact others through servant leadership. Mattew. 20:26

4. We desire to inspire others to follow Christ through the example of godly lifestyle. 1 Corinthians 11:1

5. We desire to walk closely with people as they personally work out their faith and discipleship. Galations 6:2


What Our Students Say

I truly love all class on Submission to the Lord it is so important. When you feel or think you can’t do something… putting that aside and doing it for the Lord because of respect and love for the Lord that really registered in my heart thank you it was wonderful.

Virginia Ziblay

Mi Wuk Village, CA

Spirit led instruction… It is awesome that so many are engaged and given the opportunity to flourish in their gifts. The protocols are effective in that there is freedom and order. Oh, and I love you guys!

Greg Davies

Lake Tahoe, CA