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Did you know that you are designed to hear from God, and to be His voice? He desires to communicate with you, and also through you. The Voice of God prophetic trainings are designed to bring you into the fullness of this relationship with Him, and to equip you to be able to partner with Him in prophetic realms.

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April 25-27, 2024


Much more than an introduction to prophecy, this training lays a solid Biblical foundation of prophetic understanding, and will provide practical truths of operation that are essential to anyone who moves in the prophetic realm. You will be activated to confidently hear the voice of God and to receive and give prophetic words through hands-on training and interactive sessions.


God desires mature men and women who will operate in the prophetic realm with dignity, honor and keen discernment. This training dives deeper into the areas of character, discernment, authority, and the role of the prophet in today’s church and in culture at large. This training will both engage you and challenge you to explore new levels of your prophetic expression.

*Must have attended Level 1


This class is designed for mantled prophets, and will address the seriousness of the office, the responsibilities and requirements of the mantle, and will involve discussion about how to be true prophets in the midst of current culture.

*Must have attended Levels 1 and 2. Capacity is limited.

God is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth… will you answer the call? From congregation members to worship leaders, we all have access to the fullness of His presence through worship. Join us as we explore the depths of God-focused worship through scriptural teaching and Spirit-led worship encounters.

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