Serving People, Inspiring Righteousness, Imparting Truth

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Go beyond theory and begin walking in mercy, prophecy, stewardship, forgiveness, healing, intercession, and evangelism!


On Demand Training


Learn how to hear the voice of God and to be the voice of God in the earth today!


You are salt and light in this world and this course will propel you to shine even brighter!


Explore what it means to live a life of worship, and discover the power of praise.

SPIRIT School of Ministry


Join us for weekly discussions on relationships, ministry and discipleship. Get inspiration and impartation to grow in your walk with God and as a disciple of Jesus Christ.


You Are Our Mission

SPIRIT School of Ministry is focused on establishing a lifestyle of servant leadership based on doctrinal truths, as well as practical application and the development of character. Through instruction, assignments, one-on-one training and hands-on application you will be empowered to fulfill the call of God on your life as a minister (servant).


Why Learn With Us?


Established for Over 50 Years

Hands-on training in spiritual gifts, team ministry and focused opportunities to excel in spiritual growth.


Biblically Based

You will be equipped scripturally and activated in the practice of your faith.


Personalized Training

One-on-one mentoring and insights to your unique personal development.


Christlike Confidence

Gain a confidence within you so you are ready to answer anyone about the hope that lies within you.


Reveal Your Identity

Gain a clear understanding of your position in the Body of Christ and a boldness to minister in a variety of ministries.


Become Qualified

Learn essential truths of prayer, worship, leadership and much more.

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