Serving People, Inspiring Righteousness, Imparting Truth

– YEAR 1 –

Personal Discipleship

Get equipped to love God and love people

Start Your Journey

What will your life look like one year from now? SPIRIT exists to lead you deeper into the heart of God so you can live like Jesus! We offer interactive classes and daily video teachings to help you master the Scriptures. You will then be challenged to practice what you learn in weekly activations. You’ll go beyond theory and begin walking in mercy, prophecy, stewardship, forgiveness, healing, intercession, and evangelism!

You won’t be alone in your journey. We will connect you with experienced mentors and pastors who can advise and encourage you. Our team is excited to help you establish lifelong patterns of intimacy with God and ministry in the world!

At SPIRIT, we don’t believe discipleship should be limited to specific times, places or ages. Whatever your work schedule, your college courses or your family demands, we provide a flexible pathway for growth. The secret place of God awaits you. Leave spiritual complacency and dryness behind for good—join our family and pursue Jesus daily!

Course Details:

Accessibility: All classes and course materials are accessed via the internet. We also offer an in-person class option for students who live locally.


$50 per month (for 10 months) and a $100 registration fee.

Regular Price: $89 per month (for 10 months) and a $300 registration fee.

Important Dates and School Calendar:

    • September 6 and 7, 2024 – Encounter
    • September 9-13, 2024 – First week of classes
    • November 25-29, 2024 – Thanksgiving break
    • December 23, 2024 – Jan. 3, 2025 – Christmas break
    • March 31 – April 4, 2025 – Spring break
    • June 9-13, 2025 – Last week of classes
    • June 15, 2025 – Graduation

Ages: 18+ (If you are under 18 and interested in Personal Discipleship, we would love to talk with you to see if you may still qualify to join us! Email

Duration: This is a 9-month program running from September through June.

Curriculum Covered:

  1. Personal relationship with God
  2. Basic Principles of the Faith
  3. Theology
  4. Christian Character
  5. Godly Finances
  6. Evangelism
  7. Local Church
  8. Spiritual Gifts
  9. How to Minister
  10. Apologetics
  11. Calling

International students: We are not a residential school. We are not independently accredited. We have no on-campus housing and are unable to provide international student visas at this time.

“This discipleship course allowed us to dive deeper into our walk and relationship with God and with each other. Each component of the school provided us with new insight into the Word of God and TRUE relationship.”

- Levi and Athena Low

Student Experience

“This year of discipleship brought me back to my roots, back to Jesus, the center of my world. I love the insight David brings to the daily devotional, as well as the class interactions on Zoom. I’ll be forever grateful for what this course has done for me.”

- Richard Battle

“I joined this course for a deeper knowledge of the Bible, and to add to my daily studies and devotional.  Pastor David Lien is a phenomenal teacher! In 10-12 minute videos, the depth he teaches in every book, chapter and verse of the Bible was amazing, especially the way it in every Scripture reveals Jesus.  I highly recommend taking the extra time in your day—and for the year—devoting yourself as a disciple of Jesus.”
- Kim Garro

Our Core Values

1. We desire that all we do be rooted in authentic relationship, first with God and then with people. 1 Corinthians 13

2. We desire to equip men and women in The Truth, both in knowledge and experience. John 8:32

3. We desire to impact others through servant leadership. Mattew. 20:26

4. We desire to inspire others to follow Christ through the example of godly lifestyle. 1 Corinthians 11:1

5. We desire to walk closely with people as they personally work out their faith and discipleship. Galations 6:2


What Our Students Say

I truly love all class on Submission to the Lord it is so important. When you feel or think you can’t do something… putting that aside and doing it for the Lord because of respect and love for the Lord that really registered in my heart thank you it was wonderful.

Virginia Ziblay

Mi Wuk Village, CA

Spirit led instruction… It is awesome that so many are engaged and given the opportunity to flourish in their gifts. The protocols are effective in that there is freedom and order. Oh, and I love you guys!

Greg Davies

Lake Tahoe, CA