Serving People, Inspiring Righteousness, Imparting Truth

Year 1 – Personal Discipleship – Full


You are called to walk like Jesus! During the first year of your training, you will gain mastery of the Bible, activate your spiritual gifts, and learn to share your faith with power. You will establish a deeper relationship with God that will sustain a lifetime of effective ministry.


What will your life look like one year from now? SPIRIT exists to lead you deeper into the heart of God so you can live like Jesus! We offer interactive classes and daily video teachings to help you master the Scriptures. You will then be challenged to practice what you learn in weekly activations. You’ll go beyond theory and begin walking in mercy, prophecy, stewardship, forgiveness, healing, intercession, and evangelism!

You won’t be alone in your journey. We will connect you with experienced mentors and pastors who can advise and encourage you. Our team is excited to help you establish lifelong patterns of intimacy with God and ministry in the world!