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Worship & Praise


What do you think of when you hear the word “worship”, or the word “praise”? We often embrace cultural definitions of these concepts without stopping to consider if they line up with God’s original purposes. Join us for a journey of transformation as we discover God’s ways of worship, and explore the hidden power of praise.

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Is there more to worship than singing songs in church? Why are there so many scriptures about praise? Could it be that God has given us keys to living a power-filled, overcoming life in these truths?  What does it really mean to be in the presence of God? And what is prophetic worship, and how do we even begin to operate in it?

In this course we will explore both the Old and New Testament to discover God's thoughts on worship and praise, allowing Him to renew our minds and transform our lives.  We will confront cultural definitions and limitations that keep the church from experiencing the power of these truths, and empower you to operate in a scripturally sound understanding of both worship and praise, in complete order and complete liberty.


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